How To Move To Spain eBook

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Everything you need for a successful relocation and property purchase …

No matter what stage of the planning process you are at with your move to Spain, or your Spanish property purchase, this guide is here to assist you. 

It will make it easy. It will save you time. It will save you money. It reduces risks. It will answer questions you may never have thought to ask.

Here’s to your successful move to Spain!


Every year, many people consider moving to Spain. Every year, people make the move. Sometimes all goes well and they have a wonderful life. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and they return home. The failed relocations are the stories too often published in the tabloids and sensationalist TV programs.

From experience, we can confidently say that many failed relocations are due to inadequate research and incorrect advice (Health issues aside!).


The timing of your move to Spain is fundamental to its success. As with many things in life, getting the timing wrong can lead to disastrous results (even for simple tasks like boiling an egg!).


Have you watched the property programmes on television? You know, the ones that stress the importance of finding the correct location when considering buying a new house.

Highlighting the importance of Location, Location, Location!

Location is just as important when deciding where to live in Spain. Whether you are looking to invest money in a property in Spain or a simply looking for a rental property, choosing the correct location is fundamental to not only the success of your move, but also your future happiness in your new home.


How can we help you?

Whether you are looking to buy property in Spain or relocate, we will make it safe and easy.

With our advice and assistance, you will avoid the many pitfalls faced by too many other people.

Our speciality areas are :

- the Province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Our services are available to EU and non-EU citizens.

We are here to ensure your move to Spain is a success. We will save you time. We will save you money. We will help you to achieve your aim … a wonderful life in Spain!

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5.0 out of 5 stars: Concise guide for moving to Spain, with or without children

Byrenevon 29 June 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

We have been thinking about retiring from the US to Spain for a few years now, and have attempted to research the possibility on and off on-line, getting frustrated with the often outdated and conflicting information, no doubt partly because of Spain's frequently changing rules and regulations. That's why we were delighted to find Lisa's book "Moving To Spain With Children'. Even though it's geared towards families with children, with lots of practical information about education and ideas to help children adjust, it had all the other information we were looking for as well, all in a concise and easy to read book. At no point is Lisa trying to sell you a dream life in Spain, instead, she provides fact-based information, ideas to consider, and real-life experiences.

These are some of the other topics we specifically enjoyed reading about: pros and cons of locations to consider, the value of speaking the language in various areas (and how to learn), healthcare options, registration and residency rules, and considerations for renting and buying property. She even covers topics like starting a business in Spain and bringing pets into the country. She basically covers subjects we haven't even thought about, and all in a practical to-the-point fashion.

And best of all, Lisa has several ways to connect online for all the latest updates, and can even be reached for consultation.

All in all, we have nothing but good words for this book, which we'll keep with us for reference. It is well worth the money spent.

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How To Move To Spain eBook

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