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Moving To Spain Online Course

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Who is this course for?

- Are you planning to move to Spain in the not too distant future?

- Would you like to have everything in place for a successful relocation?

- Are you worried you might make costly mistakes, with so much to think about?

- Are you confused about all the conflicting information online?

- Would you like to get it right the first time?

- This course is for EU and non-EU citizens

This course provides you with the Essential Steps for a Successful Move to Spain! Save time, money and headaches. Get it right from the very first step you take …

Each of the modules comprises:

Reading and Research Material: You have information to read and then research and tasks to complete. I share my invaluable experience with you, ensuring that you make the decisions that are best for you.

Worksheets & Checklists: Easy to follow downloadable pdfs that you can print off and complete or store on your PC. Whatever is easiest for you.

Videos: Introductory videos and hands-on explanatory videos showing you how to complete certain online tasks, complete paperwork and use certain tools.

Private Facebook Group: A place to ask questions and share experiences with others who are following the Moving to Spain Online Course and planning their relocation to Spain. We will also have local experts at hand to answer your queries. A fabulous way to meet people and create your very own online community!

One to One Consultations (VIP version only!): At two different points in the course, you will benefit from a one to one consultation with Lisa. This will ensure you are on the right path and have everything in order once you are ready to start your relocation.

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The Moving to Spain Online course includes twelve actionable modules ...

Property Rental
Property Purchase
Starting a Business
Money Matters
Driving & Vehicles
Summary & Checklists
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Moving To Spain Online Course

0 ratings
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